The Economiss is a Kiwi millennial, living in Australia, proving that home ownership on a single income is possible.

Photograph of Kim on the right with some of the comebacks when the narratives are coming down on millennials

The story you read around millennials and finance is often the same:

  • Housing prices in New Zealand and Australia are out of control
  • It’s impossible to buy a house without a partner or help from your parents
  • Millennials have too much debt
  • Millennials waste their money on frivolous items.

The Economiss is here to tell a different story about millennials and personal finance

  • Millennials are an adaptable, powerful and agile generation willing to think outside the box
  • Millennials are earning more than ever before
  • Australian and Kiwi Millennials can save for a house
  • Single people can buy a house on their own

But is The Economiss is a typical millennial?

She has four degrees, travelled intensively and enjoys having fun with her friends.

After not saving any of her income in 2016, with her 30th birthday rapidly approaching in July 2017, The Economiss realised if she wanted to buy a house her mindset that had to change.

In 2017, with a little research, The Economiss saved $18.3K, over 30% of her take home pay.

In 2018 as The Economiss searched for more information she realised there was very little personal finance information out there for single Kiwi and Australians. She stepped up her research to another level starting this website*.

In 2018 she saved 40.5% of her take home pay, started a $40 a week grocery challenge for ethical grocery shopping on a budget, bought no clothes and donated $1500 to charity.

Her goal is to provide a voice for single millennials in New Zealand and Australia and construct a positive narrative surrounding millennial finance.

How to contact The Economiss

The Economiss is always on the look out for more content, people to interview, books to review and different opportunities. She’s a huge podcast fan and it’s her dream to be interviewed for a podcast.

To discuss opportunities contact kim at alternatively reach out on social media or use the feedback form below.

*You can find my Disclaimer here.