The Economiss is a single, female, millennial on a mission to buy her first home bringing a Australian and Kiwi perspective to personal finance.

Do you want to take control of your financial situation?

Do you want to work to achieve your financial goals but still have fun along the way?

Do you read finance sites online and wonder where the Australian and Kiwi voices are?

This is this is the place for you.

In 2017 The Economiss started super charging her finances and managed to save over 30% of her after tax income as well as cash flowing four overseas trips.

  • She has been renting, living independently of her parents since she was 18 years old
  • She has paid an average of $13,000 a year in rent over that time (she’s 31 in July so that’s about $156,000 in rent – yikes)
  • She has four university degrees
  • She has no debt and was born in July 1987
  • She started 2018 at $37,668.67 in savings. In October 2018 she successfully secured a promotion, cashflowed her first car purchase, a 2018 Kia Cerato for $17,405. In November 2018 she moved to a new city to start her new position
  • You can track her progress in her Expense reports section where she breaks it all down for you

On this site The Economiss will document the finance hacks she has been researching and trialing, share different books and resources that help to keep her on track and will provide regular updates as to how her house deposit saving is going.