How I got $950 for free in 2017

This is a screen shot of Kim's Flybuys summary from 2017. In the bottom right hand corner there is a caption that says bonus points were the key for The Economiss in 2017. If you have a vision impairment or are using a screen reader and would like the data please send me a message.

My friends will tell you, I am the Points Queen! My main points systems I use are Flybuys and Virgin Australia. Some of my international personal finance bloggers have comprehensively covered how they have utilised credit cards or coupons but being in Australia things are somewhat different. In this post I will document how to more effectively use your points to cash into vouchers. I managed to get $950 worth of supermarket vouchers free with my points in 2017 as well as a cash payment from my bank so I must be doing something right!