How to earn more flybuys points

How to earn more flybuys points from a 2018 top 5% earner

In 2018 I earnt a whopping 60,899 flybuys points and in the top 5% of earners in Australia. In 2018 I got $452 for free across my rewards partners, but how did I do this on my $40 weekly shopping budget? This article will share my top five tips to increase your flybuys points and put more money in your pocket for 2019.

Over $1000 given to charity through the $40 Grocery Challenge

Photograph of Australian money with the text own your beliefs - how the $40 grocery challenge have allowed over $1000 in charitable giving on the average Australian wage - the Economiss

You want to give more but you don’t think it’s possible, let me prove to you that you can. This year I’ve already given over $1090 to charity this year and some small hacks in your grocery budget can mean you too can eat organic, free range meat, eggs and milk, shop for $40 a week and give more to charity. Today I will share with you the story behind the $40 grocery challenge and show you how!

Three benefits of being single for budgeting

Image of two girl emojis with an red background and the statement, 3 reasons why being single is awesome for your finances

I used to believe I couldn’t buy a house without a husband but now I firmly believe that being single has so many benefits for your finances. The sooner I started backing myself the more intentional I have become with my finances and the closer I am getting to my goal of the illusive $60,000 deposit by Christmas 2018. This week’s post aims to inspire other single Aussie millennials with my top three reasons of how being single is beneficial for budgeting and reaching your financial dreams!

5 small weekday habits for you to hack to find an extra $12,740 a year in your budget

Photograph of four Australian $50 notes and on the right hand side the statement, Five weekday habits to find an extra $12740 a year in your budget

Small habits can really add up. This year I am more focused with wanting to buy a house at the end of the year and I thought I’d share with you how I have applied behavioural economics theory to change some of my weekly routines to hack my budget. Here are some items I change up most of the time to find extra money in my budget. These 5 small tips to find an extra $245 a week or $12,740 a year in your account for travel, paying debt or saving for a house! Disclaimer: I’m a millennial so I defo still budget in brunch at the cafe with friends once a week although I’m a sucker for bacon as opposed to avocado.

Beauty on a budget

Beauty on a budget

Did you know as well as a gender pay gap of 15.3% in Australia women are also expected to pay more for our deodorant and razors too? Every woman uses between 10,000-12,000 disposable menstrual products a lifetime and while men’s Viagra is GST free women are expected to pay GST on tampons and pads. Not the Economiss, This week’s article has some quick tips for women about beauty on a budget!

Getting the best deal for your mobile in Australia

Getting the best deal for your mobile in Australia

Step 3 of the Barefoot Investor Steps is Domino your debts, this means having a close look at your current bills and seeing whether you can negotiate or find a better deal. For me at the moment until I buy my house the only payments I am in charge of are my health insurance and my cell phone bill. This week I will share with you my investigation across current Australian cell phones to you and reveal to you which company I am changing to and how I am getting my next year’s worth of cell phone access for free.

Top four favourite Finance podcasts

Top four favourite Finance podcasts

I am a podcast addict, there are over fifty different shows I am subscribed and listen to. I prefer podcasts over television as I like to do several things at once. For those of you not in the know I found out last week that I fractured my spine; two places in my sacrum and one in my coccyx and I have been at home trying to heal over the past week, podcasts and books have been the answer for me as sitting up hurts up lower back and these activities have allowed me to lie down. In this post I will share with you my four favourite finance podcasts.