Dave Ramsey, in his Millionaire Theme hour podcasts, suggest that Millionaires read an average of 12 non fiction books a year.

The purpose of this regular Book club segment is to share the books that I have read and enjoyed but also to help encourage me to read more and to hear about other books.

Before I completed my thesis I used to enjoy reading and it has taken me quite some time to get back into it. I think these days often I am lying in my bed staring into space at my iPhone.

In my meditation course I completed in 2017 the instructor spoke to us about how notifications and your phone make it difficult for your mind to switch off. Reading a good old fashion paperback is quite soothing for the mind and means your eyes are away from screens and as a bonus it means you can swap with a friend at the end.

My favourite friend to swap books with is my bestie Rachael.