You want to give more but you don’t think it’s possible, let me prove to you that you can. This year I’ve already given over $1090 to charity and some small hacks in your grocery budget can mean you too can eat organic, free range meat, eggs and milk, shop for $40 a week and give more to charity. Today I will share with you the story behind the $40 grocery challenge and show you how!

In 2017 I travelled to India for work. I couldn’t see the hardship on human life and our planet from our big clothing brands without taking immediate action. India meant three large catalysts for The Economiss in 2018:

  • the decision to purchase no clothes, shoes, underwear or socks
  • to increase my charitable giving up from $20 a fortnight
  • the reduction of my carbon foot print

No new or second hand clothes for 2018

Photograph of Kimberly wearing a blue dress and an orange coat with the text Economiss tip - Special Occasion Outfit? Call a friend on the right hand sideIn 2018 I had the goal of buying no new clothes. I thought with a total ban on clothes, including socks, underwear and shoes I could really use, mend and sort through what I already had.

I have done extraordinarily well but I have purchased three items to date in 2018:

  • A white feminist tee shirt bought from my favourite author and podcast host Mia Freedman on her Australian podcast tour for $25
  • A running singlet from my amazing Cohort 19 Executive Master of Business Administration clients for $20
  • A pair of Bonds knickers as the company gave me a $10 voucher for my birthday and I put in $1.95 (I’m such a big spender)
  • As well as these three purchases I have also paid a tailor to mend two work items for $65

In 2019 I plan if I purchase any clothes for them either to be second hand or ethically and socially responsible brands.

Photograph of the QUT EMBA 19.1 cohort before their fun run in from the the QUT sign
When your clients are so awesome you break your clothing fast for them

Give more to charity

I made the conscious decision to give more to charity after what I saw in India increasing my fortnightly donations from $20 up to $40 and again up to $60 in September.

But how does The Economiss afford this with saving for her house on her average, $81,000 a year before tax, Australian income?

A smart budget of course and this is where the $40 grocery challenge was born!

Photograph of Kimberly's groceries for one week with $35.44 and #40grocerychallenge Kimberly uploads her receipts and grocery shop regularly to her instagram account

The $40 grocery challenge

The $40 grocery challenge was born and through the challenge I transformed my behaviour to reduce my food waste, reduce my plastic consumption and give more to charity.

  • I would reduce my grocery bill to $40 a week
  • All my meat, eggs and milk would be organic and free range
  • I would mindfully purchase food
  • I would mindfully reduce my purchase and use of plastic wrapped food and seek ethical solutions. The pollution in India was worse than you could ever imagine with plastic scattered everywhere you could see
  • I would donate at least $40 a fortnight to charity

Image that says $40 all meals and snacks across one week. Give - commit part of your previous budget to your favourite charity. Get creative.

This year my charities have included:

  • The QUT Learning Potential Fund
  • Cycle of Giving – I did this to not only raise money to to encourage as many people as I could to change their donor status because of the impact my friend Cameron Jones had on me. Because a kindly lady donated her corneas upon her death Cameron can now see again!
  • Oxfam for my amazing MBA clients that walked 55km for their Adaptive Leadership course
  • UN Women to my amazing clients participating in the UN Women Trek for Rights in Fiji
  • Girls Brigade
  • Mater
  • Australia drought relief
  • The Cancer foundation – the impact of Cancer has impacted heavily on my life since I was a little girl
  • Mater in Pink
  • Chain Reaction
  • Cerebral Palsy Australia
  • Crohn’s and Colitis Australia – I have been battling Crohn’s disease since I was 15
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Smith Family

Every friend or client that posted a link asking for donations or that approached me I made a point to donate to. Today I hit $1093 in donations, a figure I am so proud of. If you want me to donate to your Australian based charity hit me up on Instagram.

Be the change you want to see in the world

People think their efforts are meaningless and small changes will not make a difference: they are wrong.

Small efforts make a big change in the world, just like a small drip on a rock face wears a mark over you too can make a difference with your behaviour.

Small changes to my weekly behaviour has meant over $1000 raised for charity this year and it feels good! Through my $40 grocery challenge this year I have had so many conversations with people about my why: how giving meant so much to me I was willing to change my shopping behaviour.

Over $1000 given to charity through the $40 Grocery Challenge

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