How are you going on your 2018 financial journey? This past three months have been really, really hard for me. On the 17 April I had an accident on my bicycle and fractured my coccyx and two parts of my sacrum. As someone that is normally really active, 2500km logged on Strava cycling before this accident, this has been mentally and physically hard. I have felt like I have lost a little part of my identity and I have been stuck at home. Here’s a quick rundown of my second quarter and how I’m tracking. Today I have $49,530 towards my house deposit and I’m still aiming to get to $60,000 for my house deposit by the end of 2018. There are now 12 pay fortnights for me until the end of 2018, I usually save $818 a fortnight, to reach this goal alongside 6 more interest payments on my savings which are a little over $100 a month. So please read on for my second quarterly expenditure report for 2018…

April 2018 Spending summary

Nothing really brings you down to earth more than fracturing your spine…

On the 17th of April I fell off my bike while out riding recreationally with friends and fractured my spine in three places. I have not been back on since as the pain is still very sore for sitting. I spent the tail end of April and May out of action including for work which was a big deal for me. A quick budget summary for April:

  • I had some nice dinners and breakfasts at different places with friends
  • I had some general bike repairs done on my bikes before my accident
  • I had a dinner party at my house for a group of friends
  • I bought some friends a gift and shouted some other people lunch, breakfast and coffees
  • I bought some Urban Brew pods and a few coffees

May 2018 spending summary

May 2018: Rest and recovery

Nothing saves you money like not being able to sit or leave your home:

  • I booked flights to Port Douglas for my birthday in July
  • I saw my family in New Zealand for my Grandad’s 90th
  • I spent a lot of money on my health
  • I had a few friends birthdays and a leaving gift for a treasured work colleague

June 2018: Coming back to life

I could finally start to walk again and had a bit more freedom to leave my home. I was not exhausted each day when coming home

  • I was given a free week worth of Hello Fresh for my flatmate and I so in the nature of my $40 grocery challenge I was able to give a further $40 to charity
  • I was able to go out again for food
  • I was able to return to yoga
  • I did a sewing class and a wine yin yoga class which were fun
  • I went to New Zealand for my Grandad’s 90th
  • I purchased my new 12 month phone plan with Coles mobile

Thoughts for the next quarter

Six month report

It’s been a hard few months:

  • Financially I am tracking well towards my bigger six month goal moving from $37,668.67 on the 1 January 2018 to $48,711.66 on the 30 June 2018
  • I only have spent $1175.95 on groceries over the first six months of a year which averages out to $45.23 a week – I’m really proud of this figure. This challenge has taken me from $20 a fortnight of giving to $40 a fortnight of regular giving and allowed me to give $565 over the first six months of 2018
  • I have met a number of lovely people who have helped me to grow further
  • I have managed to get my most clicks over a month on the blog with my May month achieving 1600 clicks
  • I have grown my Instagram to 1150 followers

Sinking Funds

I will continue on with my sinking funds and budget but potentially tweak my categories based on how much I owe the tax department for my tax return in order to still meet my $60,000 house deposit by Christmas time.

Pay flights home for Christmas

I will book my flights home for Christmas to New Zealand.

Keep positive

I feel the lesson the universe has tried to teach me by breaking my spine is to learn patience and to slow down. I have an action packed life and I normally move through my activities very quickly. I have never had such appreciation for simply walking down the road or attending yoga. The day I manage to get back on my bike will certainly be a happy day for me.

How are you tracking for your goals? Where do you think I could amend things?

The Economiss is a single, female, millennial on a mission to buy her first home in Australia. A Kiwi by birth, she jumped over the ditch after she finished her tertiary qualifications in search of employment. The narratives quite often showing up online overshadowed her thoughts of buying a house alone changed in 2017 The Economiss started super charging her finances and saved over 30% of her after tax income towards her house deposit as well as cash flowing four overseas trips. In 2018 The Economiss decided to create a new narrative and share her journey saving 36% of her after tax income for a $60,000 house deposit by December 2018. Do you have some tips to share or want to be featured on the blog, please get in touch!

Second quarter 2018 expenditure breakdown
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