5 small weekday habits for you to hack to find an extra $12,740 a year in your budget

Photograph of four Australian $50 notes and on the right hand side the statement, Five weekday habits to find an extra $12740 a year in your budget

Small habits can really add up. This year I am more focused with wanting to buy a house at the end of the year and I thought I’d share with you how I have applied behavioural economics theory to change some of my weekly routines to hack my budget. Here are some items I change up most of the time to find extra money in my budget. These 5 small tips to find an extra $245 a week or $12,740 a year in your account for travel, paying debt or saving for a house! Disclaimer: I’m a millennial so I defo still budget in brunch at the cafe with friends once a week although I’m a sucker for bacon as opposed to avocado.

Book club: Work Strife Balance

Photograph of Mia Freedman's book cover for her book Work Strife Balance. On the left land side it states Mia Freedman, Work Strife Balance: three takeaways to fuel my financial journey - The Economiss

Nothing boosts me up and inspires me more than a great podcast. Mia Freedman is the owner of the world’s largest female podcasting network with a range of shows go across a number of areas from work and career, health, politics, fashion, art, parenting. Where does this book review fit on a website that is curating resources and creating a new narrative for millennials and finance. The answer is everywhere! Today I will delve into three important messages I got from Freedman’s book, Work, Strife, Balance that have fuelled my financial journey.